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    The Commission on the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases (CCVG) is a sub-commission of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI), and was formed in the early 1980's to bring together volcanologists and geochemists interested in the study of volcanic gas compositions.

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  • CCVG field workshops and the measurements we make

    The basis of our community is the CCVG workshop, which is held once every three years at a field location that allows us to compare methods and results, present our most exciting scientific findings to the community, and plan future directions in the field of volcanic gas geochemistry. The 13th CCVG workshop was in Ecuador in 2017.

    Report of CCVG13

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We are a dynamic international community and organize events worldwide in the promotion of our science. We strive to publish our results to advance the field. Our organization has been led by some of the great names in gas geochemistry and we welcome new members, particularly students interested in pursuing a career in volcanic gas science

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