The Commission on the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases (CCVG) is the primary international association for research on volcanic gas emissions.  Founded in the early 1980s, CCVG is a very active commission within IAVCEI and holds an international workshop every three years.  These meetings form the basis of our community, bringing together top veteran gas geochemists, scientists interested in broad research on volcanic gases, and young scientists.

Originally, CCVG was founded as a forum for the intercomparison of  results obtained from direct sampling of fumarolic gases. Over the last decades, research on volcanic gases has experienced a technological revolution that has led to unprecedented insights into volcanic degassing.  Today, the membership of CCVG reflects the diversity in techniques used to study volcanic emissions, with members employing ground and satellite remote sensing, in situ gas sensing devices, diffuse gas measurements and airborne measurements. Our members continue to advance this growing field with new and innovative methods to tackle the multitude of challenges faced in measuring volcanic gases.  However, direct sampling  keeps bringing us back together in search of uncontaminated magmatic gas samples for detailed laboratory-based chemical and isotopic analysis, which forms the foundation of our science and community.

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