2017 13th CCVG workshop – Ecuador


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On behalf of the Instituto Geofísico de la Escuela Politécnica Nacional (IG- EPN), the Parque Nacional Galápagos, the Commission on the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases (CCVG) and the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth Interior, we are pleased to invite you to the 13th Gas Field Workshop to be held in Ecuador, from September 24 to October 3, 2017.The main objectives of the workshop are to discuss and share new and existing direct sampling, in situ sampling and remote sensing results, collect complementary volcanic gas measurements from local volcanoes, and to discuss the latest theories and observations related to volcanic degassing.

The workshop will include three days of conference meetings and presentations, five days of field measurement and sample collection at Tungurahua, Guagua Pichincha, Pululahua and Cotopaxi volcanoes and an optional five day field excursion to the Galapagos Islands.
Important dates regarding the next gas workshop are listed below.
Pre-registration and fee payment start date: May 2, 2017
Pre-registration and fee payment final date: June 1, 2017
Abstracts deadline: June 1, 2017
Registration fee payment final date: August 15, 2017
Workshop: September 24 to October 3, 2017




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